What is an Atlatl?

Atlatls are ancient weapons that preceded the bow and arrow in most parts of the world and are one of humankind’s first mechanical inventions.
An atlatl is essentially a stick with a handle on one end and a hook or socket that engages a light spear or “dart” on the other. The atlatl is used to throw the spear/dart with snapping motion of the wrist, it propels the dart much faster and with more power and speed than if thrown by hand. 

About Victor Atlatl

Our approach is based on of education, demonstration, and the promotion of legalization of the atlatl by means of taking game.

We will sell quality, top-shelf products that are works of art, worthy of displaying on your mantel.

Our products will have the capability to function as recreational use, competitive use, and or a means of taking game.

Our mission is to encourage and inspire exploration of ancient technologies as a means of recreation, competition, as well as taking game.

Core Values:

  • Education
  • Safety
  • Commitment to Quality
  • Growth and Innovation
  • Winning