About Victor Atlatl

The Victor Atlatl Story

The Birth of a Business

February 1st 2018:

28 years in my career and in a matter of minutes I'm told my position doesn't exist any longer and I'm being escorted to my office to collect my personal belongings.

Unfortunately I'm not alone in this experience. Its becoming an all too common event in my previous field as well as in many others as businesses consolidate and or close their doors forever.

So as fate will have it, I exit the building and walk to my car as I contemplate next moves.  As a man, a father and provider I questioned myself how I would go home and explain to my four children what just happened.  

How will I reassure them we will be OK?

I sat there for a few moments and conceded to the fact that I was 50 years old, recently divorced and now unemployed and about to open a new chapter in our lives.


With my office packed in my car, I traveled across the street to Cigars International to indulge in an adult beverage and reflect on my next steps.

Within 15 minutes of leaving my old job, the miracle of fate was about to occur. I accidentally stumbled into a couple of gentleman engaged in an informal business meeting in a separate section of the establishment.  I politely apologized about my intrusion.

The men were cordial and even had a chuckle about it and invited me to stay. I excused myself and said I didn't want to intrude on their meeting.

I left and found a nearby area to sit and relax and ponder my situation.  Just minutes later one of the men from that meeting approached me, introduced himself and invited me to have a cigar and drink with him and his friend.

Out of the norm, I accepted and joined the guys.

Over the course of the next couple of hours, the three of us made small talk getting to know a little about each other by sharing life experiences and even bucket lists.  

I explained, as I have hundreds of times, my passion and admiration for the Atlatl. I shared with them how I spent a year (2006), along with a friend of mine, lobbying the state of Missouri to legalize the Atlatl.  

In 2007 our efforts were rewarded by winning the right to have the Atlatl inducted into the Missouri State Games Regulations Booklet, as a legal means of taking game. The first induction of a new weapon in over 50 years.  

I shared the fact that I made, competed and even sold atlatl's in the past. I explained that at one point, two of my atlatl's were used by two individuals to attain the International Standard Accuracy Contest (ISAC) Championship in the men and women's category. 


To my amazement, one of the men knew exactly what the atlatl was and in fact owned a thrower and darts.

I explained that for decades I have wanted to open my own business focused on the Atlatl. This is when my belief in fate as well as my new business was born.

Unaware to me the two men I had been getting to know over the past hour were; a very successful business consultant and pilot for a national airlines. The other was a highly recognized (except to me) marketing specialist focused on building On-line businesses. I had just submerged myself into a group of men that were extremely motivated, professional and successful individuals.

Not only had a partnership and a friendship began to form, but also the birth of a business and a pursuit of a dream.

Over the days, weeks and months to come I was introduced to some of the most amazingly successful entrepreneurs, pilots, accountants, military and various local and state representatives in the area.  

Contacts and new friends were being made in every facet imaginable. A chapter in my life didn't close, the book ended.

Yet a new book was just started.

The difference with this new book was, the prologue was filled with the passion to pursue a man's dream.  

The dreams that for decades had no spine to even make it to print. The table of contents were being laid out with the assistance of great men who were inspired and motivated to simply help someone achieve their dream, to help educate and guide for success.