Bocote Atlatl


Truly a one of kind atlatl.  This is a flexible Bocote Atlatl; an imported wood from Tropical Africa, has a beautiful handle of Sapele and Tamo Ash.  This thrower is 24.5 inches long.  It weighs approximately 6.25 ounces.   This is a perfect hunting and or competition thrower.  See further details below.


Bocote has a brown body with dramatic dark brown to almost black stripes. Color tends to darken with age. Also, the grain patterning can be quite striking, particularly on flatsawn areas. It’s not uncommon to see many “eyes” and other figuring in Bocote.  This Bocote was imported from Central/South America.  This thrower has an amazing handle showcasing Sapele a golden/reddish brown color.  Sapele and African wood is imported from Sierra Leone to Uganda and South Angola.  The handle also showcases a highly figured Tam Ash wood.   Tamo Ash is imported from Eastern Asia and provides a beautiful blonde and brown color that simply dances in the sunlight.  This thrower has a hand carved, moose antler spur.  It also has a hand carved soapstone atlatl weight, to assist in a steady, accurate and powerful throw, making it a great hunting and or competition atlatl.  It has a suede index and thumb finger loops for a consistent and secure grasp of your atlatl.  These features make this thrower a beauty for display above your fireplace.  Its  sure to be the envy of your competition during those ISAC tournaments or during your hunts.