Bolivian Rosewood Atlatl


This custom, one of a kind, flexible atlatl is truly a hunting atlatl.  Designed to increase the power generated in your throws. Made from exotic/imported wood.  This throwers overall length is 25 inches.  The total weight is approximately 7.5 ounces.


A thrower that can be proudly displayed on your fireplace mantle!  This flexible thrower is made of Bolivian Rosewood which was imported from tropical South America (mainly Brazil and Bolivia).  Its colors have a strong contrast of reddish/orange to a dark violet/brown.  It has a handle made of curly/figured maple.  The atlatl has been sanded down eleven levels to a 2000 grit, to maximize the grain, figure and translucent characteristics of this wood.  The spur is hand carved from moose antler, for its durability.  The spur is lashed down and sits a cushion of brain tanned deer hide.  This thrower has a hand carved soapstone atlatl weight sitting on a slightly raised bed of brain tanned deer hide.  This allows for the thrower to still maintain its flexibility.  This thrower has durable, suede index and thumb finger loops to provide a consistent grip each throw.