Bubinga Atlatl (Sold)


This custom, one of a kind, flexible atlatl is truly a hunting atlatl.  Designed to increase the power generated in your throws. Made from exotic/imported wood.  This throwers overall length is 24 inches.  The total weight is approximately 7 ounces.


This atlatl is made from Bubinga, an exotic wood imported from Central Africa.  Its a fine grain, hard wood and heavy and it takes a lustrous shine.  The handle has a laminated handle made from Yellow Heart wood.  A wood imported from Brazil.  This handle provides a beautiful checkering in yellow heart.  The thrower has a spur hand carved from moose antler.  It also has a hand carved, slate atlatl weight, black in color.   Suede index and thumb finger loops are attached, to provide a consistent grip each throw.