Nicaraguan Rosewood Atlatl


This beautiful, semi-flexible thrower is 23 inches long.  Its overall weight is 5.5 ounces.  Comes with an attached hand carved, soapstone atlatl weight.  Carved moose antler spur.   This thrower is a piece of art worthy of sitting on display on your fireplace mantle.  See more details below


This atlatl is made from exotic/imported Nicaraguan Rosewood.  A wood that is a cinnamon brown color and varies to a deep, russet brown.  This particular piece has a few dramatic figures showing what were branches in its heartwood.  The handle has a natural stained cherry wood with a beautiful figure to it.  This atlatl has been sanded down 11 levels to a 2000 grit, to bring out the maximum potential of this exotic wood.  This finish provides a beautiful dancing figure in the sunlight.  This thrower has a hand carved moose antler spur, sitting on a cushion of brain tanned deer hide.   The atlatl showcases a soapstone atlatl weight.  This weight is a mixture of grey, green and black color tones.   Attached are index/thumb suede, finger loops, which provide the user with a consistent grip for each throw.