Tamo Ash Atlatl

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This custom, one of a kind atlatl is made from exotic/imported wood.  This throwers overall length is 24 1/2 inches.  The total weight is approximately 5 ounces.

*The handle of this thrower is fitted for a larger hand and not recommended for a child.


This rigid thrower is made of highly figured Tamo Ash which was imported from Northern Asia, in the mountainous regions of  Japan.  The deeply figured grains give it an almost three denominational patterning.  It has a handle made of  Sapele wood, which has a golden to dark reddish brown coloring.   This Sapele has been imported from Africa.  The handle also has a touch of home, with its center portion of the handle being made of walnut.   The atlatl has been sanded down eleven levels to a 2000 grit, to maximize the grain, figure and translucent characteristics of this highly sought after wood.  The spur is hand carved from moose antler, for its durability.  The spur is lashed down and sits a cushion of brain tanned deer hide.  This thrower has suede index and thumb finger loops.