Walnut Atlatl (SOLD)

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This custom, one of a kind atlatl is made from domestic walnut,  The handle is carved resin.  This throwers overall length is 24 1/2 inches.  The total weight is approximately 4 ounces.  Additional details below.

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This Walnut Atlatl’s colors range  from a pale brown to a dark chocolate brown with darker streaks.  Color can sometimes have a grey, purple or reddish cast.  The handle is carved from a resin pen block.  This first of its kind handle is an orange tone with darker brown streaks running through it.  This particular resin allows sunlight to pass through it creating a beautiful ray of mixed and blended shadows.  The smaller handle size, makes this a great thrower for the child or young adult in your life.  That special person you want to get outdoors and enjoy some nature with.   The spur is made from hand carved moose antler.  The spur sits on a cushion of brain tanned deer hide.  The thrower has a beautiful streamline, low profile atlatl weight.  This weight is hand carved from soapstone.  It has been polished to a beautiful shine to show off its grey, green and tan color tones.  Attached are index/thumb finger loops.